What is the Church?

ABOUT — Refuge Church

Welcome back to all of our mortal Friends. It would appear that you folks have been getting neglected as of late. Seems that we haven’t written any Articles for mortal consumption for over 2 Months now. That is because our NEW Reformation has been obsessed with producing a New Book for the mortal class beings, which sets the Record Straight. Obviously, this has consumed our creative energy for a time and since We are Back, would herald the Completion of said work.

We will make every effort here, to avoid  jesus gospel of love seeming promotional, for this groundbreaking work of human literature. However, there is no way to avoid making reference to it, so let us content ourselves by telling you the name of this thing. The UNTOLD Story of Christ Jesus is the Name of this new work. But let’s not talk about the Book, let’s just Tell the Untold Story…

The Untold Story is just everything there is to Know about Jesus. The Story starts in the first book of the Bible with “Let there be Light” and follows a Scarlet Cord all the way to the Last Verse of Revelation. Then we get to admire how all of that happened 2,000 Years ago and WHY We Live in an AD World!!! Pretty simple really, it’s just the Simplicity of the Gospel…

Well, that sounds like some kind of Introduction to something, so how does this Story play out as we Roll through the Scriptures? Before we even go there, let’s look at how pathetic it is that no one knows what happened 2,000 Years ago when our Species was made Immortal.

This Story is so Self-obvious because everyone knows it, they just don’t want to know that they know it because it is WAY Too Much!!! Better get used to Way too much Now, because here it comes…

The Untold Story of Christ Jesus is really the Story of what happened from the Cross to the Throne and thereafter… That is why it is Untold because nobody but us Knows Exactly what happened and We haven’t told you yet.

Of course it was right there in the Bible all along, on every Page you turn, Your Identity in Christ. We could speak of Positronic Variances and Perceptual Ratios but Identity in Christ is rather simple and efficient.

Although in our Book we began looking at Jesus in let there be light, it was not until we made it to the New Testament before our adventure took on epic proportions. More specifically it was in the Garden of Gethsemane where we reach our climax. So perhaps that would be a good place for us to start here. Before we do, let’s wonder who was Jesus, what did He do and how does it affect us today? Even if we don’t get around to telling the Story if we can answer these questions for you, perhaps it will be enough.