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If you are questioning logically you would assume the biggest giants of the channel catfish species would come from the southern location of the channel cat’s habitat, however that isn’t so. Habitat location would not seem to make a distinction while we speak approximately those trophy catfish specimens. It’s really extraordinary that a 58lb channel catfish holds the arena file. The monster of a channel catfish became caught in 1964 by way of W.B. Whaley. His trap was well documented and never has been discredited. Now this fish did come from a reservoir referred to as Lake Marion in South Carolina, however no large monsters even close to this length had been caught because.

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If you’re thinking why this fish grew so massive we are able to speculate that three factors drove its boom, but this only natural speculation. During the past due 1950’s and into the 1960’s there was serious flooding of river delta device in this location. This generated a totally unusual boom and populace of forage fish which includes shad and skip jack herring that migrated into Lake Marion. This fish had an over abundance of food to eat for decades.. Also there was no competition from flat head catfish or blue catfish at that time. Since then each had been delivered to the place, and no monster channel catfish of even close to this length were stuck considering that. That is component variety two, competition for the food supply from other recreation fish.

Normally channel catfish have a internal increase mechanism built into their metabolism that determines how big they’ll grow. Prime natural habitat for channel catfish could be in small to medium rivers that have a overabundance of bait fish and wherein they had very little competition from different predators inclusive of blue catfish and flathead catfish, and other massive recreation fish. Normally in idea,if these habitat conditions are present no mater where the area is within the channel catfish’s habitat variety there is a very good hazard that very large channel catfish will be caught.

For instance I stay by using a totally large shallow lake in Ohio that has had an over abundance of gizzard shad for years. The lake is awesome for channel catfish and catches over 4lbs are a completely common incidence. Although they may be uncommon there are catches of trophy size channel catfish over 10lbs each yr. I personally have caught 5 10lb plus catfish the usage of various catfish baits and catfish stay bait rigs. From this lake. My biggest be 12lbs + stuck simply this 12 months in august. This lake is 10 miles long and 2 miles wide and there’s an excellent quantity of cowl. It is fed by using creeks. There aren’t any blue catfish in this lake and a very small population of flathead catfish. So there is little opposition for the shad. They did however introduce walleye into the lake about 8 years ago so the decision is out on what it will do to the increase of very massive channel catfish. But I realize in my gut there’s a channel cat available inside the 20 to 30lb range. One of nowadays I will catch the sort of monsters using my unique catfish baits.