11 Ways to Give More Natural Care to Members

“I know you might not want to take a quiz, but this one is fun. You’ll be glad you took the time.” 

“What’s your favorite color? Red or blue? Mine’s red because it makes me feel good when I see it. But what if I told you that there are colors in between?” “If you’re feeling bored and just need a little something to break up your day, then please do try our little test!”

“What is the color in between red and blue? It’s purple! You can find out what color you are between red and blue, too!”

“If you take this little quiz, you’ll discover your color for sure! And if you’re having a bad day, it might just turn into a good one. We’ll tell you who your color is—we promise! So what are you waiting for? Let’s get started!”

“First, we need to know more about you… Just a few basic things. Have fun with it!”

“”Your personality quiz starts now! A little friendly advice: don’t think too hard about the answers. They’re more random than you think.” “What’s your favorite color?” https://quickricepuritytest.com/how-pure-are-you/

“Congratulations! You’re red/blue/purple!”

In this short piece of persuasive writing, there is an advertisement that claims to have a quiz that will determine someone’s personality based on their favorite color. The article also has a disclaimer at the end, which essentially states everything written above was a lie to get people to take the quiz. 

I’m sure you’ve found this article in your Facebook feed, come across it while surfing the Web, or perhaps read it from an e-mail. This piece of writing is designed to convince its target audience (which likely contains you) that if they want to know who they are inside, all they have to do is sit down and take a little test.

So what makes this little quiz work? 

First off, it’s posted on Facebook by someone with one thousand friends or more. By nature of being created by a popular person with many connections, it has earned credibility – after all, if someone famous endorses something, then it must be good – right? 

Secondly one of the most persuasive factors is that if they want to know who they are inside, all they have to do is sit down and take the test. The word “just” implies that it’s easy, quick, and painless. Few will be aware of how heavily loaded that word truly is; for this particular sentence leads the reader to believe that it requires little time, effort, or thought on their part – like everything else in life.


The reasons why one would self-rate themselves “pure” are varied; common ones include religious beliefs (or lack thereof), personal preferences, childhood memories, media influence, or simply an attempt at humor. Whatever the case may be, most who choose to answer these questions truthfully rate themselves as either “pure” or “absolutely filthy”.

This standard, of course, is unfair to those who have chosen not to engage in sexual intercourse – yet still consider themselves to be considered impure. More often than not, the word applies exclusively to one’s sexual practices; so it can’t be denied that there are many individuals within these rated groups that are hardly “pure” or especially “filthy”. The only real criteria required for this self-rating are personal standards.

So what does this all mean? What is it that makes someone pure or impure? It’s not just about sexual intercourse. It’s also not just about that one time you allowed yourself to engage in the act only because you were drunk and “he was hot”. And it’s definitely not just about how many partners you’ve had, either.

Purity is a state of mind – especially the self-proclaimed ones. There are people who will look down on others for their choices of lifestyle – whether it be sex, love, friends, family… anything. Especially fandoms (see: Star Wars vs. Star Trek). So let us ask ourselves: Are we really as pure as we like to think? Or do we just have a big ego?

The test is really simple. It’s not perfect, but it does the job. Have you ever thought about this stuff before? If so, how pure are you? And if not… well, don’t worry about it! I’m not judging! I’m just curious whether or not you’re as innocent as the driven snow (hypocrite much?)